Days of Prayer

Why Days of Prayer?

Since 1997one year after the title was officially recognizedthere have been Days of Prayer in different countries in honor of Mary, “the Lady and Mother of all Nations”.

To start with, these days of prayer take place only because the Blessed Mother specifically requests them. She asks for them because they give her the opportunity to give “graces” that she otherwise cannot give.

How decisive our participation is is also shown in other apparitions of Mary such as in the Rue du Bac, Lourdes, Fatima, Akita, etc.

In Amsterdam the Blessed Mother requests: “See to it that every year the nations are assembled around this throne, before this image.”

That doesn’t sound difficult; it is almost too easy. Who would expect anything special from such a “simple gathering” unless they know the Scriptures and know that God often works miracles through very simple actions … or he has been to one of these days of prayer and has it experienced it?

The Blessed Mother speaks of a “great favor” that she can give to the world through these days of prayer. They promise grace, redemption and peace to everyone and to protect us from degeneration, disaster and war. It shows that it is her God-given vocation to be Mother of All People and Mother of All Nations.

Recordings 2020

1. Presentation by Fr. Paul Maria Sigl
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2. Presentation by Fr. Paul Maria Sigl
Opus JSS - Family of Mary


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